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September 28

Looking back on the last two months

Every member worked hard during the last two months. Thanks to the two colleagues from legend company, they have found many bugs in the xsl templates, converter lib and the Add-In. We have fixed most of these bugs, so I think users will enjoy the using of the Add-Ins.
We encountered many problems during these two months. We would discuss together, work together and finally solve these problems one by one. I love working in this team. One problem I want to mention is the software surpport of the UOF. As UOF is not completely supported by EverMore Office which is the main software we used to test the translator, we need to use other software sometimes to generate the uof file to complete the test. Then I want to say something about the translation about the picture. The performance of translation of the picture has been greatly improved as a result of cooperative effort.
By the way, the translator for saving docx file to uof file is also in progress during this period.
After the release of the Add-Ins of this milestone, the National Day of our country is coming. We can have a holiday for a week then, after that we will resume our work for next milestone.

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UOF Translator M1.01 is released

The UOF Translator M1.01 is released now! Some features have been greatly improved since last release. You can download Add-Ins from sourceforge, and install it to your word. We welcome and appreciate your feedback.

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September 18

Some Statistics of the Translation Time in Our Tests

Well, I think some of the UOF Translator users must be concerned about the time they need when they are opening a large uof file using our translator. To figure out how long exactly we need to convert a large file, we did some tests.
First, we created a new uof file using a UOF software. This file is about 100 pages and it covers a lot of test cases we used in the Unit Test. The uof file includes multi-sections. Each section contains paragraph properties, font effects, styles set by the style manager of the UOF software, tables (including normal tables and some special tables ), headers and footers, headnotes and footnotes, bookmarks and comments and so on (for some reason, pictures are not included in this file).
Then, I converted the file into docx file using our UOF Translator. It turned out that the average translation time of this file was between 7 and 7.5 seconds.
In our opinion, the time it spent to translate such a large file is quite reasonable and durable.
If you have any suggestions about the translation time, please contact us using the mailing list. We really appreciate your advice to improve our work.

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Looking Forward to UOF Translator M1.01

UOF Translator M1.01 will be published on 9/30/2007. According to the development plan, not only some bugs which were found in the prototype release will be fixed, but also some other functionalities will be added.
The following features of UOF to Open XML Conversion will be included in this version:

  • Paragraph Properties
  • Font Effects
  • Complete tables
  • Characters styles and formatting
  • Paragraph styles and formatting
  • Headers & Footers
  • Bookmarks
  • Comments
  • Basic numberings
  • Basic footnotes & endnotes
  • Basic revisions
  • Fields (date, time, page number)
  • Pictures inserted from a file (Shapes are not supported, more information refer to the document UOF Translator Scope.doc)

This verion will almost cover all the fuctionalities listed in the translation scope (some of the funtionalites are not fully supported in this version and will be improved in the next version M1.02).
We hope that every user who has downloaded and experienced our UOF Translator will enjoy using it.
If you have any problems or suggestions with the translator, feel free to contract us with our mailing list. We will be happy to hear your voice.

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September 9

New build of uof-translator add-in for Word 2007 is available now.

This week, we have a new build of uof conveter library. It fixed some problems, such as UOF encoding. Simultaneously, the add-in for word 2007 is been update. Now it consists of commad line tools, conext menu extended and add-in for word 2007. All of these components have been tested and are robust. By the way, not all translation form UOF to OOX document is implemented currently.

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