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November 15

We can do nothing to this problem

Last time, I mentioned the problem that the files generated by Add-In for word 2003 and word 2007 don't look the same. It is a pity that we can't do anything to solve the problem. Luckily, this problem doesn't happent on all uof files.
We've done some experiments in order to find the truth. The uof file used later is a certain uof file we picked out. First, we open the uof file by using the Add-In in word 2007 installed in word 2007. Then a temp .docx file is generated. If we save this temp file to another directory and open this .docx file with word 2003, it looks the same as it looks in word 2007. But if we open the original temp file located in the temprary directory with word 2003, it has different looking from the looking of the saved file mentioned aboved opened with word 2003. So, that's it. When we save the temp file to another directory, the word 2007 has changed something. The xml files inside the zip package are not the original files generated by the Add-In. And we have confirmed our speculation by checking the xml files manually.
Now let's return to the problem. It seems that word 2003 ( with compatibility patches installed ) differs with word 2007 in handling .docx file. Of course, word 2007 is more powerful.(^_^) So, Add-In for word 2003 and word 2007 generated the same files but they have different lookings in word 2003 and word 2007 separately.

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