March 24

Milestone 4 is coming...

We will release a new version of Milestone 4 on april 1st, which contains most function points. The release will include applications, source code and documents(includeing design documents and documentations about conversion extent and differences in conversion).

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November 4

The Project Progress

These days we have a hard work. Thanks to the two colleagues from legend company, they have found many bugs in the xsl templates. Thus, we can analyze and deal with these bugs in time. The translation from ooxml to uof has been almost completed. Then we will turn our attention to another direction, mainly about the integration and test.

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October 23

UOF Excel and Power Point Translator

After several months of efforts, we finished many basic functions of UOF Translator and Power Point Translator.
The test and modification of UOF Translator bate 1.0 will be finished before October 31. It contains C# library and the basic functions of UOF2OOX Translator. The UOF Translator bate 2.0 will be submitted before November 3. Some features will greatly be improved in this version. Bate 3.0 will be done before November 24.It will contain the two sides of the translation. By the way, the translator for installing plug-in is also in progress during this period.
We will make persistent efforts. Welcome to pay attention to our work.

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May 1

We Are Now Moving On!

Glad to tell everyone that after the release of UOF Word Translator Version 1.0, we are now going to move on to the Excel and Power Point Part. We are happy to see new members from BUAA, BITI and Qinghua University joining us. I am sure that with our experience in developing Word Translator, we can make Excel Translator and PPT Translator even better.

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March 14

UOF Translator Project Summary

Today we had a project review for last year's work on UOF Translator. People attended the meeting included: Vijay, LanLing Wen and Joe from Microsoft; Xuelian Lin, Wei Lin, Yueqiong Gu and me from BUAA; Dr. Ning Li, Chunyan Fang and Yanyan Li from BITI; Zhen Wang and Zui Deng from Qinghua University; Gang Zhu, Zhengqiang Li ang PengLi from Litsoft.
I was happy to have the oppotunity to give the presentation. We were all delighted to see that we have done excellent job during the year 2007. We also discuss some interesting applications

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