The Remaining Bug List

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 NO. Category Description Direction of transform
4067 Word OpenXML->UOF(2013):The template "students' report" has difference. OpenXml->UOF
3997 Open->UOF->OpenXML(2013):The style in "table" document is different with original. OpenXml->UOF->OpenXml
3984 OpenXML->UOF(2013):The conversion of table is out of the performance indicators. OpenXml->UOF
3935 Open->UOF->OpenXML(2013):The details of the document are different from the original one. OpenXml->UOF->OpenXml
3923 Open->UOF->OpenXML(2013):The splitting cells of table is different from the original one. OpenXml->UOF->OpenXml
3568 UOF->OpenXML(2013)The texts in the textbox beside the title in template 1 are lost. UOF->OpenXml
4052 PPT OpenXml->UOF: Chart intelligent mark SmartArt after conversion color, three-dimensional effect are different. OpenXml->UOF
4006 Open->UOF->OpenXml(2013/2010): Contrast graphics size changes. OpenXml->UOF->OpenXml
4005 Open->UOF->OpenXml(2013/2010): Contrast with the master version of the background font changes. OpenXml->UOF->OpenXml
4004 Open->UOF->OpenXml(2013/2010): Contrast list symbol color change. OpenXml->UOF->OpenXml
4003 Open->UOF->OpenXml(2013/2010): Contrast text direction change. OpenXml->UOF->OpenXml
4001 Open->UOF->OpenXml(2013/2010): Contrast border color change chart content changes. OpenXml->UOF->OpenXml
3847 Open->UOF->OpenXml(2013/2010): Contrast animation effect has a difference in the background style. OpenXml->UOF->OpenXml
3555 UOF->OpenXml(2010): Page layout reference clip media clip conversion error. UOF->OpenXml
4062 Excel Open->UOF->OpenXml(2013/2010): Link_TextBox_HeaderFooter.xlsx text box offset is too large. OpenXml->UOF->OpenXml
4059 Open->UOF->OpenXml(2013/2010): Sample2.xlsx text box becomes wide. OpenXml->UOF->OpenXml
4057 Open->UOF->OpenXml(2013/2010): WordArt_Symbols.xlsx text box style there are differences. OpenXml->UOF->OpenXml
4023 Open->UOF->OpenXml(2013/2010): SimpleChart.xlsx- chart title font color differences, chart background of the table has a difference. OpenXml->UOF->OpenXml

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